A recognised accreditation scheme for mental health aware organisations, employers, universities, schools and colleges.

Why the tick?

Here at the Mental Health Awareness Programme, we do not believe in ticking boxes as an effective solution to supporting mental health needs. Instead, we believe it takes a culture and a community to make mental health support effective across an organisation.

We consider (and provide training for) three levels of awareness within an organisation:


This takes action from the top down to set the values, ethos and culture of the organisation and make it alright to recognise the full spectrum of mental health (from good wellbeing down). One of the biggest factors that help decrease the chances of poor mental health becoming a difficulty is the access to a support network and the right culture helps to support people to talk about their experiences. We offer the National Mentally Healthy Leadership Certification, which trains those who influence the culture and ethos of teams and organisations to reflect on their leadership styles and meet the needs of their staff.


For those in crisis, there is an expectation that an organisation has staff trained to assist and signpost to appropriate support services. We are able to provide 2-day Mental  Health First Aider


A mentally healthy organisation is one that makes sure that all staff (and volunteers) have access to mental health awareness training. We are able to offer online (or in-person) learning (suitable for embedding onto organisation systems) covering:

· What is Mental Health?

· Factors affecting Mental Health

· Common low-level Mental Health problems

· The impact of Mental Health difficulties

· Ways you can help others’ Mental Health