Mental Health Aware
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The independent recognised accreditation scheme for successful mental health aware organisations.

Show the world your commitment to your staff.

Based on evidence, research and guidance, including:

  • ACAS
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence
  • Thriving at Work Leadership Council
  • World Health Organisation
What is the Mental Health Tick?

  Here at the Mental Health Tick, we believe that while training and risk assessments are important, it takes a culture and a community to make mental health support   effective across an organisation.

 Mental health support needs to be embedded in the entire organisation and reflected in its policies, practices and values.

 The Mental Health Tick is a validation of an organisations continuous efforts to create a mental health aware business environment. 

 The tick is not a lip service exercise, it recognises genuine investment in people.

The accreditation

The assessment covers 23 criteria in separate areas of mental health awareness in the organisation.
Awareness: Strategy, development, integration, leadership, employee recognition and organisational awareness and accessibility
Culture: Coordination, policy, engagement, operational support, celebration
Training and Development: Resources, monitoring, universal access, diversity, screening
The standards are split into Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation.


The Tick builds reassurance and trust in the organisation's ability to fulfil the promises. Current employees grow in appreciation and loyalty to the workplace.
To prospective employees the Tick communicates supportive culture and credibility, thus placing your workplace in an advantageous position over others.
The Tick demonstrates to the public that the organisation cares about people's wellbeing and their corporate social responsibilities. It acts as a PR asset helping to promote the brand and shape public image.

Three Core Elements

Based on guidance from organisations like NICE, ACAS or the Mental Health Foundation, there are three core elements to a mental health aware organisation recognised by the Mental Health Tick:


A mentally healthy organisation is one that recognises the importance of mental health and wellbeing across the organisation. It is not just the responsibility of Health and Safety or Occupational Health, there is an organisation-wide strategy in place.


It takes action from the top down to set the values, ethos and culture of the organisation and make it alright to recognise the full spectrum of mental health (from good wellbeing down). Right culture and access to a support network enables people to talk about their experiences and receive the help that they need.

Training and Development

An organisation that seeks to support mental health needs will invest in staff training and educational programs for employees at all levels. There are staff trained to assist and signposts to appropriate support services, which are available to all staff. 


Organisations complete a self-assessment showing their response to each criteria, list their evidence and self-rate themselves Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Inform staff

Organisations make sure staff are informed of the assessment and offered the opportunity to feed into the assessment.

Assessment Process

1 - Application

Organisations submit their self-assessment and evidence.

2 - Assessment

The assessor will interview some staff and undertake an assessment of the submission and evidence.

3 - Verification and Award

Assessments are verified by our Internal Verifier and organisations are provided with their accreditation report.

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